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11 Life Lessons From Squid Game

Introduction The Squid Game is one of Netflix’s best performing K-Dramas to date since its release. It was even ranked No. 1 in the Netflix U.S. Top 10 list after breaking the record of Sweet Home’s Rank 3. Squid game episodes held the viewers at the edge of their seats with compelling characters and a twisted premise. The Squid Game is Netflix’s latest overnight sensation that explores the darker sides of humanity. The Squid Game episodes teach us 11 Life Lessons. 11 Life Lessons From Squid Game 1. Trust people carefully You must be careful in the life of whom you trust. In the Squid Gameshow, a lesson can be learned from the betrayal done by Cho Sang Woo’s (Park Hae Soo) with Abdul Ali (Anupam Tripathi) who admired and was kind to Sang Woo throughout the show but was brutally killed because of him during the game of marbles. 2. Money isn’t everything Money is very important but it can’t buy you satisfaction or happiness in life. Oh II Nam (Oh Yeong Su) was the mastermind behind the g
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12 Ways To Show Kindness

Introduction We are all aware of the word ‘Kindness’ in our lives and also know that to be a good person, we have to act kindly. But Kindness is an open-ended term meaning there are no well-defined boundaries for acts of kindness. The meaning of ‘Kindness’ can be defined as the state of being that includes the attributes of sympathy, love, affection, goodness, pleasantness, patience, gentleness, and friendliness. The way a person speaks and acts is always a measure of his kindness. The following are the 12 ways to show kindness. 12 Ways To Show Kindness 1. The first way of the 12 ways to show kindness is to always compliment your family person, colleague, employees who have done good work or look good. It boosts their self-confidence and promotes healthy relationships. 2. Always take out time for your family and friends every day to give them undivided time and discuss their issues, achievements, etc. It increases interpersonal relationships and brings a sense of security to them. 3. T

Building Resilience in the Workplace

Introduction Resilience is the ability of people to withstand stressful and adverse conditions, not letting these conditions impact their life and their productivity. In today’s changing and evolving world, building resilience in the workplace has become a very important part of an organization. Resilience at work offers continued productivity for an organisation and help us to fight in this VUCA World . Resiliency in employees should be built in three key areas: mental/psychological, physical, and emotional. There are 7 integral and interrelated components for which, an organization should offer training to their manager and employees to make them resilient. 7 Components for Building Resilience in the Workplace 1. Building competence: The first component for building resilience in the workplace is Competence. It is the ability and having the skills to work in stressful conditions. For building competence, one should have faced similar situations before also so that they have no proble

11 New Year Resolution Ideas

Introduction Every year lakhs of people used to make new year resolutions while hoping to revolutionize their lives. Most people start focusing on their health, fitness, personal finances, and learning new things for professional and personal development. But still many people used to get confused every year and puzzled about "what to choose and what not to".So we have prepared a comprehensive list of 11 new year resolution ideas. 11 New Year Resolution Ideas 1. Read More Books It is not a secret that reading is one of the best habits for all of us. Joseph Addison perfectly wrote that "Reading is to the mind, what exercise is to the body". Many scientific studies proved that reading makes us smarter. Reading a novel increases blood flow and improves the connectivity of our brain cells. Reading habits also improve our conversational skills. 2. Start a Meditation Practice Our life is full of daily chaos, it can be very challenging to make a peace with our minds. Many

Success Story of Karsanbhai Patel

Introduction Karsanbhai Patel, the low profile founder of Nirma, started making detergent by mixing Soda Ash with other chemicals. He used to make detergent in the backyard of his house and sell at his own cycle. He directly challenged the veterans like Unilever and Proctor & Gamble by grabbing more than 60% market share. Story of Nirma & Karsanbhai Patel Karsanbhai Patel was a son of a small farmer and he worked as a lab technician at one of the Government Department of Mining and Geology in Gujarat. The job security and flexible working hours of a government sector allowed him to explore his passion for chemistry. He took up the challenge of making low-cost yet high-quality detergent powder.  Don't forget to watch a best video on biography of Dr BR Ambedkar. At that time, Hindustan Unilever's Surf was the market leader and was considered as a luxury item, the cost of one KG of Surf was around Rs.13. He started his experiment by using Soda Ash to make a detergent and

7 Strategies of Wealth and Happiness

Introduction To live a fulfilling life, a person needs both wealth and happiness together in his/her life. But most of us struggle with achieving both of these together in our life, and in due course of time, many of us could not find or achieve either. Jim Rohn, an American Business philosopher teaches us the ways to health, wealth, and happiness in his award-winning book, ‘7 Strategies of Wealth and Happiness’. In this book, he directs us to follow a 7 strategies path to wealth and happiness. These are as follows: 7 Strategies of Wealth and Happiness by Jim Rohn 1. Unleash The Power Of Goals: It is the first strategy of the 7 strategies for Wealth and Happiness. The goals which are well defined and well described have always a strong pull on you. They drive you, motivate you to become the person or bring you on the path to become that person who is required to achieve those goals. Recognition of your work, feeling like a winner, family, and benevolence are the four greatest motivator

Bill Marriott’s 12 Rules of Success

Introduction Bill Marriott was the CEO of his family's Hotel Chain for more than 40 years. He practiced "Management By Walking Around" or MBWA in a very practical manner. In 2012, on his 80th birthday, he left the CEO position but decided to play an active role as a chairman of the Marriott Hotel Chain. Recently he published an article where he shared 12 rules of success. We always like the list and hence he summarised his success in the form of these 12 success principles. He often says that no one can become a good leader by accident and it takes discipline and dedication to become a great leader. Let's discuss these principles in more detail. Bill Marriott’s 12 Rules of Success Bill Marriott explained how the list of 12 rules of success served him well and he hopes that it will be useful to our career also. 1. Always challenge your team members to do give their best. He also stressed upon doing this very often.  Let's watch a video on success formula of Kalpana