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5 Principles of Successful Life

INTRODUCTION Everyone wants to be successful yet few know how to work for a successful life. To be successful, we need to follow some principles in our lives. The five principles of successful life which we need to follow are dreaming big, working hard, learning every day, enjoying life, and being true to ourselves. These principles appear to be very simple, but mastering them requires patience and persistence. And combining all these principles could lead to amazing results. 5 PRINCIPLES OF SUCCESSFUL LIFE 1. DREAM BIG: The first principle of the 5 principles of a successful life is ‘Dream Big’. Walt Disney quoted, ‘If you can dream it, you can do it.’ It is important for us to dream big, no matter at what age we are. Dreams keep us hopeful and our energy focused on our future. One must set sub-goals with a time frame to convert their dream into reality. Find a picture of your dream and allow it to pursue your dream. The picture of your dream will motivate you always. 2. WORK HARD: Th

Five qualities of dogs

Do you know why dogs are one of the best pets in the world? There are some very important qualities that humans lack nowadays but those qualities are shown by dogs. We must always strive to develop these qualities in us. Let us understand those qualities and try to inculcate these essential qualities in us. 1. Loyalty: This is the most popular quality of dogs. You can also observe this quality yourself. I have observed this quality and can say that this species is the most loyal among all animals. As we are becoming more and more advanced, this particular character is getting extinct from our behavior. People used to respect seniors (Professors/Bosses) in their presence but used to say bad things about them from behind. One of my friends has a dog and he is with this dog for the last 2 years. My friend used to return home by 8 pm daily and that dog used to wait for its owner eagerly. That dog used to eat only when its owner returns home. Dogs are also used in wars and battles and t

Controversies and life lessons of Sh. Arun Jaitley

On 25 June 1975, when DUSU president Arun Jaitley was sleeping in his home at Narayana, police knocked the door. When he heard his father's argument with Police then he silently walked out from the backdoor. The next day he gathered around 200 student union members and protested against Emergency. Shortly he got arrested and kept at Tihar jail. He was kept in the same cell where Lal Krishna Advani, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, and other big leaders were locked. From this incident, his Political career started. Arun Jaitley completed his schooling from St. Xavier School, Delhi, and graduated from Shri Ram College of Commerce. He was also a very popular lawyer and represented very big brands (like Coca Cola and Pepsi) in courts. He was also an admirer of costly watches and also purchased a watch of Patek Philippe when other Indians never think above Omega. Today we will talk about the five most important life lessons from Arun Jaitley. 1. Stand up for your cause: Mr. Jaitley always stoo

Mindful minutes and you

If we will observe closely then we will find below-mentioned facts are very true: " Time is slow when we wait" " Time is fast when we are late" " Time is very deadly when we are sad" " Time is short when we are happy" " Time is endless when we are in deep pain" " Time is long when we feel bored" We correlate our situation with the current time but actually, our situation depends on our feelings and psychological conditions. Below mentioned techniques can be used to manage our time well and achieve our goals in a time-bounded manner. 1) Distraction elimination: We all know that the number of distractions is increasing day by day. We are surrounded by distractions and it depends upon us to focus on our goal or to just waste our time with social media and other distractions. Direction and distraction are inversely proportional. If we eliminate distraction then our direction got cleared but if we didn't focus on our

How Indra Nooyi became successful?

If we read about any famous personality then we will find some very simple rules they followed in their life. Those very simple rules made them very successful. Indra Nooyi is also among those famous and successful personalities and lets us go through a short biography of Indra Nooyi and understand her life's three lessons. These lessons made her very successful and the same thing can also happen with us. Indra Nooyi is an Indian American business executive known for holding CEO position for 12 years at PepsiCo. Currently, she is serving on the board of directors of Amazon, the largest e-commerce business website. She's consistently featured in Forbes list of top 100 most powerful women on earth. She was ranked 2 on this list in 2015. In 2007, she won Padma Bhushan which is also the third-highest civilian award in the Republic of India. Indra Nooyi had approximately 144 million dollars of net worth as the CEO of PepsiCo. In her leadership, PepsiCo's net profit rose f

Three feet from gold

We generally give up when we face tough situations in our life. So today we will discuss never give up attitude. This story is about a boy who went to the West during the Goldrush. He does not know anything about gold mining but he knew that he wanted to get rich. Gold Rush: Goldrush is a new discovery of gold or sometimes accompanied by other precious metals. Major Gold rushes took place during the nineteenth century in Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, and the United States. The boy took money from other villagers and bought some machinery to start mining. Initially, he found gold and made some profit. But as time passed he faced challenges in mining the gold. He dug for weeks but nothing came out and he made losses. Ultimately he gave up to the pressure coming from other villagers for money and sold his machinery and gold mine. He paid all his loans and started a new job. The person who purchased his machinery and gold mine had invited a gold expert to an