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The R2A2 Formula for Success: Napoleon Hill

Introduction Have you ever thought, “If I could get some extra time from my job or some extra money to catch my goals, my life will be more comfortable”? Getting spare time or getting some extra money will not make your life comfortable as no single stroke of luck can change our mindset which is holding us back. Walt Disney never spent time imagining such breaks but he started his work in the Rat-infested backyard of a church and ultimately achieved success due to his cultivated habits. Those habits helped him to focus on what matters the most in his industry to set him apart. The R2A2 principle was mentioned by Napoleon hill in his world-famous book “Think and Grow Rich”. The R2A2 principle was actually formulated by W. Clement Stone who was also a business partner of Napoleon Hill and a founder of Combined Insurance. This formula gives us the actionable points to implement the philosophy of “Think and Grow Rich” and become a true goal achiever. After learning this principle, we can a

Best inspirational story: Károly Takács

Károly Takács was born in Budapest, Hungary on 21 January 1910. Many of us do not know about him but his story inspires many and he is still a national hero of Hungary. He joined the army as a sergeant and his main interest was in pistol shooting. He was not allowed to play in the 1936 Olympics as he was a sergeant and only commissioned officers can participate in games. By 1938 he became a top-notch shooting player of Hungary and the ban was also lifted by that time. Hence he became the national favorite for gold in the upcoming 1940 Tokyo Olympics.  Just a few months before the 1940 Olympics he lost his right hand when a faulty grenade exploded in his hands during army training camp. It was a major setback for a person who was at the helm of the world ranking of pistol shooting. At that time he can find so many shoulders to weep over his loss. He spent one month in the hospital to recover from the injury but we can't imagine the mental pain he might have faced at that time.