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How the Story of Sutikshna Transformed Samarth’s Life

Introduction Due to ongoing issues with his wife, Samarth struggled to balance his personal and professional life. The constant tension at home affected his performance at work, leading to poor feedback from his manager. The stress reached a point where his manager placed him under a performance review. One evening, feeling particularly dejected, Samarth sat in his living room, lost in thought. His grandmother noticed his distress and approached him, offering comfort and support. Sensing his need for guidance, she decided to share the story of sage Sutikshna, hoping it would provide him with a new perspective. The Story of Sutikshna Sootikshna, a devoted disciple of Sage Agastya known for his simplicity, once asked his Guru for his guru dakshina. Agastya responded, "When Ram, Lakshman, and Sita arrive in the Dandaka forest, guide them to my ashram. That will be your guru dakshina." With unwavering faith, Sootikshna awaited Ram's arrival, using his yogic energy to anticipa

The 5 Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle By Jim Rohn

Introduction Our lives can be like puzzles especially when we don’t even know what are the pieces of life puzzle. Jim Rohn, an excellent author and a motivational speaker, has given the 5 major pieces of the life puzzle in one of his most epic seminar, ‘How To Have Your Best Year Ever.’ Jim Rohn’s quotes and ideas are the seeds of a lot of personal development programs happening around the world. He mentioned that, Philosophy, Attitude, Action, Results, and Lifestyle are the 5 major pieces of Life Puzzle. According to Jim Rohn, our personal philosophy establishes our attitude, that determines the quality and the quantity of our activity, which further produces a proportionate, final result, which in turn provides the lifestyle that we wish to live. The 5 Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle 1. Philosophy: The first major piece of the five major pieces to life puzzle given by Jim Rohn is Philosophy. It is the major determining factor in how your life works. To form your philosophy, you need

Million Dollar Habits: 10 Simple Steps to Getting Everything You Want In Life

Introduction Million Dollar Habits is a book written by the best-selling author Robert J. Ringer. He has given simple but vital habits that can change your complete outlook. These habits lead to big results in all aspects of your life; be it personal, professional, or financial. He has designed a new philosophy that can be used in our everyday lives. These habits will help you to turn negatives into positives and basically; help you turn your whole life around without even thinking twice. The 10 Million Dollar Habits given by Robert Ringer in his book are your 10 simple steps to getting everything you want in life. 10 Habits To Get Everything You Want In Life: Habit 1 – Reality: The first habit given by Robert Ringer is to consistently stick to the way things are instead of the way you wish things should be. In this way, you lay the foundation on which you can develop success habits.  Watch this video to understand " The Ant Philosophy " Habit 2 – Attitude: The second habit

The R2A2 Formula for Success: Napoleon Hill

Introduction Have you ever thought, “If I could get some extra time from my job or some extra money to catch my goals, my life will be more comfortable”? Getting spare time or getting some extra money will not make your life comfortable as no single stroke of luck can change our mindset which is holding us back. Walt Disney never spent time imagining such breaks but he started his work in the Rat-infested backyard of a church and ultimately achieved success due to his cultivated habits. Those habits helped him to focus on what matters the most in his industry to set him apart. The R2A2 principle was mentioned by Napoleon hill in his world-famous book “Think and Grow Rich”. The R2A2 principle was actually formulated by W. Clement Stone who was also a business partner of Napoleon Hill and a founder of Combined Insurance. This formula gives us the actionable points to implement the philosophy of “Think and Grow Rich” and become a true goal achiever. After learning this principle, we can a

The 5 Stages of Consciousness Evolution: Vishen Lakhiani

Introduction We may often wonder that Spirituality & Consciousness Evolution is the common goal behind all our individual goals. At a certain stage, we question the world around us. This questioning is rightly explained by Vishen Lakhiani in his invigorating article, ‘5 Stages of Consciousness Evolution.’ While growing in life we are required to think beyond general conventions about happiness, work, religion, culture, and various other aspects of life. The more inner strength and perception a human develops, the more he is empowered, making his own rules that benefit him and society at large. It isn’t that easy, neither for the individual to forge on the new path nor to explain to the near and dear ones, the changes one is going through in the process of Consciousness Evolution. This is where the understanding of the 5 stages of Consciousness Evolution comes in handy. The 5 Stages of Consciousness Evolution Level 0: Early man The early man was a hunter-gatherer. They were not dif

Napoleon Hill’s 28 Self-Analysis Questions

Introduction Who doesn’t want to think and grow rich? Napoleon Hill’s Books are benchmarks of success and growth. Napoleon Hill’s 28 Self Analysis Questions are the most self-evaluative statements that one can ponder upon at length and get on with the mantras to the successful life. One must go through the most famous book of Napoleon Hill “Think and Grow Rich” for in-depth understanding of laws of success. Essentially, we are the magic and we have to tap into our own power of materialistic success. Most of the books of Napoleon Hill focus towards positivity, self-transformation and working towards human limitations. Napoleon Hill gave many examples in his book of the formula being used practically by many business men back in 18th and 19th century to this day. Napoleon Hill’s 28 Self-Analysis Questions 1. The first question you need to ask yourself is that, have you attained the goal which you established as your objective for this year?  Watch 3 Steps to Personal Development by Jim R