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11 Life Lessons From Squid Game

Introduction The Squid Game is one of Netflix’s best performing K-Dramas to date since its release. It was even ranked No. 1 in the Netflix U.S. Top 10 list after breaking the record of Sweet Home’s Rank 3. Squid game episodes held the viewers at the edge of their seats with compelling characters and a twisted premise. The Squid Game is Netflix’s latest overnight sensation that explores the darker sides of humanity. The Squid Game episodes teach us 11 Life Lessons. 11 Life Lessons From Squid Game 1. Trust people carefully You must be careful in the life of whom you trust. In the Squid Gameshow, a lesson can be learned from the betrayal done by Cho Sang Woo’s (Park Hae Soo) with Abdul Ali (Anupam Tripathi) who admired and was kind to Sang Woo throughout the show but was brutally killed because of him during the game of marbles. 2. Money isn’t everything Money is very important but it can’t buy you satisfaction or happiness in life. Oh II Nam (Oh Yeong Su) was the mastermind behind the g

The inspirational story of Napoleon Bonaparte

Introduction Each one of us used to face problems in our lives and it is impossible to skip challenges of our path. There are two types of people in this world-first is those types of people who used to see problems during a challenging phase of life and second are those types of people who used to see opportunities during a challenging phase of life. When we see problems then problems used to become big and our road to success becomes very difficult but when we see opportunities then we get solutions to our problem very easily. Today we will talk about the great emperor of France, Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon Bonaparte was a French statesman and a great military leader who led many successful campaigns during the French revolution. He won many battles and ruled over the European continent during his lifetime but he was born in a very poor family in Corsica and due to his good analytical skills he got a scholarship and studied at the expense of the French king. After completing his ed

5 Amazing Rules for HABIT Change: Part 1

Introduction Let’s define habit first and know more about habits? Habits are small decisions we used to make and the actions we used to take in our daily life. Researchers at Duke University found that about 40% of our behaviors are a result of our regular habits. Let’s understand the importance of good habits with a story. There was a man who was very disappointed with the bad habits of his young son. His son was very lazy and used to spend 10 to 12 hours on social media. He explained his concern to a wise man and that man agreed to help him. One day the wise man decided to go on a walk with the son of a man. When they entered a park, a wise man saw a small plant and requested the son to pluck out the plant and then fix it again. The son easily plucked out the plant. Then both of them move forward and the wise man saw a little larger plant and told man's son to pluck out that plant also. The son did the same and but this time he used an extra amount of force to do that. After this