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How the Story of Sutikshna Transformed Samarth’s Life

Introduction Due to ongoing issues with his wife, Samarth struggled to balance his personal and professional life. The constant tension at home affected his performance at work, leading to poor feedback from his manager. The stress reached a point where his manager placed him under a performance review. One evening, feeling particularly dejected, Samarth sat in his living room, lost in thought. His grandmother noticed his distress and approached him, offering comfort and support. Sensing his need for guidance, she decided to share the story of sage Sutikshna, hoping it would provide him with a new perspective. The Story of Sutikshna Sootikshna, a devoted disciple of Sage Agastya known for his simplicity, once asked his Guru for his guru dakshina. Agastya responded, "When Ram, Lakshman, and Sita arrive in the Dandaka forest, guide them to my ashram. That will be your guru dakshina." With unwavering faith, Sootikshna awaited Ram's arrival, using his yogic energy to anticipa

Inspirational Death of Socrates

Introduction “I am the wisest man on earth because I know one thing that I know nothing”. These mindful words are of Socrates. He is one of the most popular philosophers of all time. He sacrificed his life for humanity without even thinking twice. Socrates had not written his biography but we can know about him by reading books of his student, Plato. He was from a very poor family and his father was a sculptor. He fought for his nation as a young army man. Many times during the war he used to go to a lonely place and think for several hours. When he didn’t like army and sculptor work then he opened his own school where young students used to ask a wide variety of questions from him. Socrates was a very open-minded person but at that time people of Athens used to follow dogmatic rules. Due to his revolutionary ideas, he gained the attention of many other philosophers but few of them became his enemies. Death of Socrates The people of Athens were very conservative and there was great tur