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Ichigo Ichie: 10 Rules of The Japanese Way To Happiness

Introduction The meaning of Ichigo Ichie is ‘one time one meeting’ that describes a valuable concept of treasuring the unrepeatable nature of the moment. It can also be translated as ‘once in a lifetime’ or ‘for this time only’. This Japanese philosophy stresses upon focusing on the importance of present in order to lead a fullfiling life without feeling anxious about the future or troubled about the past. Héctor García and Francesc Miralles explained this evergreen Japanese philosophy in their very famous book ‘Ichigo Ichie’. Ichigo Ichie: 10 Rules of The Japanese Way To Happiness 1. Don’t postpone special moments According to a very famous saying "you cannot step into the same river twice because it’s not the same river and same you". Each and every opportunity presents itself only once. If we don’t embrace present moment, then it will be lost forever. Never ever postpone special moments . 2. Live as if this were going to happen only once in your life

7 Point Formula for Happiness and Wealth: Brian Tracy

Introduction We all want to become financially independent but somehow this dream remains unapproachable. We all want to reach that summit where money must not be a barrier between us and our needs. Brain Tracy explained the 7 Point Formula for Happiness and Wealth in his multiple books and by applying that formula, we can become financially independent. This formula will help us to accumulate wealth and become happier day by day. 7 Point Formula for Happiness and Wealth: Brian Tracy 1. Begin To Think Positively About Money Many people used to say negative things about money. They say that excess money can make your mind corrupt. Negative thinking about money is an obstacle between you and unlimited riches. Thinking positively about money will help you to attract opportunities and open up multiple doors of possibilities. 2. Rewrite Your Major Goals For Financial Freedom Brian Tracy suggested us to define our financial goals. He also said that we must read and review our financial goals

10 Lessons From Shakespeare’s Hamlet

Introduction William Shakespeare was the greatest writer in English Language who’ve written the most iconic plays and poems. Hamlet is the most enduring play of Shakespeare. The character Hamlet has most lines in a single play. It is his longest play clocking in at over 4 hours onstage. Hamlet teaches us many life lessons which are very useful for everyone irrespective of age or era. Following are the 10 main lessons from William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. 10 Lessons From Shakespeare’s Hamlet 1. Life is a Mystery: Hamlet is a mysterious play which tells us that our lives, human experiences are all mysteries. We are not God and therefore, we cannot know everything in our lives at any point of time. 2. Fallen World: Hamlet tells us that the world is far from what it should ideally be and is very harsh in reality. It’s quiet pessimistic and talks about some of the human experiences like death, cruelty, broken relationships etc. 3. Revenge makes a person Blind: Hamlet teaches us that taking re

The Seven Abilities of Linchpin

Introduction According to Seth Godin, Linchpin is all about becoming indispensable in the workplace or your respective field. Linchpin put their heart and soul into their work and try to make it a masterpiece. If you want to become a Linchpin then you have to make conscious efforts to run towards your fears to overcome them in long run. They are indispensable for the job due to their 100X more value as compared to average employees. They make the business great by giving their everything. Let’s understand the 7 abilities that we must develop in order to become a Linchpin. The Seven Abilities of Linchpin 1. A Unique Interface between Members of the Organisation It’s observed that there’s a sense of mission inside any great organization. That mission is not created and followed by a chance but it’s crafted by the tribe of linchpins of the organization. A linchpin help connects different members of the organization in single a thread. 2. Delivering Unique Creativity Linchpin always looks