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5 Principles of Successful Life

INTRODUCTION Everyone wants to be successful yet few know how to work for a successful life. To be successful, we need to follow some principles in our lives. The five principles of successful life which we need to follow are dreaming big, working hard, learning every day, enjoying life, and being true to ourselves. These principles appear to be very simple, but mastering them requires patience and persistence. And combining all these principles could lead to amazing results. 5 PRINCIPLES OF SUCCESSFUL LIFE 1. DREAM BIG: The first principle of the 5 principles of a successful life is ‘Dream Big’. Walt Disney quoted, ‘If you can dream it, you can do it.’ It is important for us to dream big, no matter at what age we are. Dreams keep us hopeful and our energy focused on our future. One must set sub-goals with a time frame to convert their dream into reality. Find a picture of your dream and allow it to pursue your dream. The picture of your dream will motivate you always. 2. WORK HARD: Th

The Philosophy of Stoicism: Part 1

Introduction Stoicism is a great greek philosophy that deals with self-discipline and mind control. This philosophy helps us to bear all types of pains in our life. Stoicism was popularised by Zeno of Citium who was born in the Greek city of Citium. He started studying philosophy after he lost everything in a ship wreckage near Athens. He swam to Athens and started roaming around. As he doesn’t have anything to do hence he visited a bookshop and saw a book of Socrates. He started asking questions pertaining to Socrates' philosophy from the book shop owner. The Book shop owner suggested that he must visit Xenophon who was also a cynic philosopher. Zeno started asking philosophical questions from Xenophon and became his student. Thereafter Zeno started studying greek philosophy under the guidance of Xenophon. After the long study of the philosophy, Zeno started teaching his own students. As he and his students used to discuss his philosophy at Stoa Poikile, Athens hence his philosoph