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Hara Hachi Bu: The Reason Why The Japanese Live A Hundred Years Or More

Introduction ‘Hara Hachi Bu' is a Japanese saying which means, eat until you are 80% full. Experts today, after a lot of research have reached the conclusion that this is the key to a long, and healthy life. The author mentioned Okinawa Island in Japan, in his book Ikigai, which has the longest-living people in the world who live up to 100 years or even more. They have been following the principle of ‘Hara Hachi Bu’, practicing which the Okinawans are able to achieve longevity. Following are the 6 most effective ways that help you follow ‘Hara Hachi Bu’: Ways to follow ‘Hara Hachi Bu' 1) Reset your Muscle Memory: Reset your stomach’s muscle memory so that it gets used to smaller meals which will take around 15-20 meals. When you regularly eat smaller meals for a few days, it resets the muscle memory of your stomach. 2) Don’t get over-hungry: Eat consciously but do not starve yourself for long because then it will lead to over-eating and making poor food choices. It makes your

Warren Buffett's Top 10 Rules For Success: Part 1

Warren Buffet, you might have heard this name. He is one of the richest people in the world. He is also known for his philanthropic works. Currently, he is the fourth richest person on this earth. Due to his sound business principles and profitable investments, he is also known as Oracle of Omaha (Omaha is his birthplace). At a very young age when other boys and girls were busy playing with their friends, he started earning money by placing pinball machines at barbershops. He worked for several companies but then he decided to start his own venture. He became chairman and largest stakeholder of Berkshire Hathway Inc at the age of 40. He was ranked by Forbes as the #3 in the 400 wealthiest persons, #15 Most Powerful Person in the World in 2016 and the 2nd Richest Person in the US and the World.  Many people see wealthy persons as an opportunist bunch of people but they never understand that there are certain reasons why rich people are more rich and poor people are unable to amass

Power of meditation and solitude

There was one lumberjack who used to work for a very reputable wood company. He spent almost one decade in that company while dedicatedly giving his best. One day a new lumberjack came to his company and also started working with him. The first lumberjack observed this new person and found that both lumberjacks used to put the same amount of effort in their day to day work still this new person used to get double output. In just a span of one year, the new lumberjack got a promotion and special appreciation from the board directors. Old lumberjack became so much frustrated that he decided to argue with his boss as he thought that it's not fair but then he decided to ask this new person about his secret sauce. Old lumberjack went to the new lumberjack and asked how you have achieved so much in just a matter of one year and had achieved double output. Then the second lumberjack answered that I used to sharpen my hatchet for 5 minutes "do you sharpen your hatchet daily? Sim

Srinivas Ramanujan: Powerful motivational story

Napoleon Hill once said, “ The only limitation is that which one sets up in one’s own mind.” Srinivas Ramanujan proved this quote true. Srinivas Ramanujan, the person who knew infinity, was a common village boy with unlimited potential. He didn’t get any professional training from any mathematician but he was a self-trained person. He was born on December 22, 1887, in a Tamil family. His contribution to mathematics is unmatched and will be remembered always. He died at a young age of 32 but he had given so much to the field of mathematics that if he had lived 10-20 years more then he might have surpassed the achievements of Einstein or Newton. We can measure the talent of Ramanujan by knowing facts like he used to solve college-level mathematics problems during schooling, at the age of thirteen he learned advanced Trigonometry and in his life of mere Thirty Two years, he invented 3900+ equations. But during his lifetime he continuously faced challenges as he failed in exams because

Extreme Motivation: Life of Theodore Roosevelt

Great people are not born but they make their life great. Similarly many times we also get a chance to prove ourselves but we step back and think we are not capable enough. We must remember here that great people also were like us but they decided to take their life in their hands and had given their best. Today we will read more about the youngest ever president of the US, a recipient of Medal of Honour and a winner of Nobel Peace Prize. He had written more than 30 books during his life. He was also America’s first brown belt in judo. He’s none other than Mr. Theodore Roosevelt. Let’s read more about his inspirational life and how he had achieved so much. He was born on October 27, 1858, and since childhood, he was very weak and never went to school due to medical problems and hence he had done homeschooling. His father was worried about his son’s future. Subsequently, Theodore Roosevelt started going to his father's personal gym regularly and made his body fit. After his co

Jack Ma's most Important advice

Jack Ma, the founder of the Ali Baba group has a very inspirational story. Since the beginning, he had a never say die attitude. He faced so many rejections in his life that we might have given up if we were at his place. He failed five times during schooling and three times in the University Entrance exam. Jack Ma also applied for Harvard and got rejected ten times. He applied for a job in Police and even for KFC but got rejected everywhere. Now Jack Ma is one of the most influential and richest people on earth. He’s also one of the most powerful person in China. So what is his most important advice for all of us? That famous and most relevant advice of Jack Ma is “Instead of learning from other people’s success, learn from their mistakes. Most of the people who fail used to share common reasons to fail whereas success can be attributed to various different kinds of reasons.” Many times we concentrate on the success of others but never understand that success came after so many