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How the Story of Sutikshna Transformed Samarth’s Life

Introduction Due to ongoing issues with his wife, Samarth struggled to balance his personal and professional life. The constant tension at home affected his performance at work, leading to poor feedback from his manager. The stress reached a point where his manager placed him under a performance review. One evening, feeling particularly dejected, Samarth sat in his living room, lost in thought. His grandmother noticed his distress and approached him, offering comfort and support. Sensing his need for guidance, she decided to share the story of sage Sutikshna, hoping it would provide him with a new perspective. The Story of Sutikshna Sootikshna, a devoted disciple of Sage Agastya known for his simplicity, once asked his Guru for his guru dakshina. Agastya responded, "When Ram, Lakshman, and Sita arrive in the Dandaka forest, guide them to my ashram. That will be your guru dakshina." With unwavering faith, Sootikshna awaited Ram's arrival, using his yogic energy to anticipa

4 Success habits of Billionaires

One of the most celebrated person on earth, the man who thinks about building a colony on Mars. Yes, we are talking about Elon Musk who is a founder of revolutionary companies like Tesla and SpaceX. What is that habit which made him so successful? He disclosed this habit several times but still, people don't follow this method. He uses the concept of "Time Block". So what is the meaning of Time Block? It means that breaking our day into hours, minutes and increasing productivity in those blocks. Achieving goals in small parts and measuring the day in small parts. Musk used to break his day in 5 minutes also. To track his minutes he uses Buzzers and even hourglass. What you'll say about the success of a person who breaks his day into 5-minute blocks. But what we do, we used to waste hour time on social media, nonsense chit chats, etc. Parkinson's Law states that " Work expands to fill the time allotted for it".We must understand that until we use time

IPL: The Treasure trove of Life learning (Part 1)

Indian Premier League (IPL) has provided so many spectacular moments to the cricket fans. IPL has established itself as the biggest cricket extravaganza on earth. It's no surprise that IPL has a birthplace which is the capital of modern-day cricket i.e., India where cricket is just like a heartbeat. Indian Pre mier League (IPL) has always been in news since its inception (both good and bad) whether its match-fixing scandal or Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) deciding to donate opening ceremony money to Indian Armed Forces. In our mind, IPL is all about cheerleaders, after-match parties, sixes, etc but we can learn various life-changing things from the Indian Premier League (IPL). Let us try to explore key learnings from IPL:   1. In this world, nothing is permanent: They said that he is the brain behind IPL. In one of the interviews, he said: " I think this is the biggest thing that I have ever achieved and I have tempted about it, lived it and it becomes a rea