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Five Dangerous Faults of General: Art of War by Sun Tzu

INTRODUCTION The art of war by Sun Tzu is one of the oldest military treatises in the world. It was originally written in Chinese which was later translated to English in 1910. The art of war has always been of vital importance to the state as it is a matter of death for its kingdom and people. In this book on Art of war, he talks about different skills and techniques such as laying plan, waging war, attack by strategy, energy use of spies, etc. He also explains the five dangerous faults of the General which can ruin the war. In modern times, these faults must be taken care of while leading a team of corporates/people as well. THE FIVE DANGEROUS FAULTS According to Sun Tzu, a ‘General’ plays a vital role in the art of war. A general is usually the one who receives the order from the sovereign, organizes his army, and gathers his forces. General who completely understands the Art of war knows the benefits he can get from the variety of tactics. He also knows how to handle and inspire hi

Book COVID Vaccine in 2 Minutes

Book COVID Vaccine in 2 Minutes


Indian Government started the massive vaccination drive for those aged between 18-45 years from 1 May 2021. People aged above 18 can register themselves on the COWIN website. The registration can also be done with the help of Aarogya Setu app. The government geared up for this massive drive but unfortunately portal got crashed due heavy traffic on the website. Now everyone is facing a problem while booking a vaccine slot and all slots are booked for next one month. The lack of vaccine stock among many regions has made it hard to book a vaccine slot. But we are here with a perfect solution and you can book your slot within 2 minutes.

How to book a slot in 2 Minutes

Click here and go to the telegram bot.
Initiatives by number of people have led to the creation of multiple websites where users can sign up. These websites then notify subscribers for available slots in their locality. This process totally eliminates the tedious process of checking COWIN website for multiple times. These websites will send notifications via emails and telegram messages. Please note that even in the presence of these services, you still have to visit COWIN platform to book your appointment for the jab. website screenshot
We have found best way to find the slot in a fastest manner. We visited and simply selected State and District. It prompted us to join a Telegram group for relevant notifications. Telegram bot will send detailed availability data like which COVID vaccine centre has available slots, vaccine available, number of slots available and availability date. This is one of the fastest way to get the information about the COVID Vaccine slot. After getting the information, you can visit the COWIN portal and book the slot immediately.

Experience at Vaccine Center

Government has made proper arrangements for the safety of the citizens. Ample civil defence personnel are deployed at COVID vaccine centres to ensure social distancing. You will get a token at the entry point and then you have to visit vaccine cabin for the vaccine. Attendant will ask for your Aadhar card ID and update your status in system. There are also good arrangements of taking rest after the vaccine. You have to take at least 30 minute rest at designated places inside COVID vaccine centres before moving out. Doctors are also available to help out the citizens. After vaccine, you will get a digital certificate from Government of India which can be downloaded from COWIN portal.


Our experience with is quite satisfying and we were able to book COVID vaccine for our whole family in 2 minutes. You can also visit the website and follow simple steps to get yourself vaccinated. We hope that you have found this article helpful.
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