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5 Principles of Successful Life

INTRODUCTION Everyone wants to be successful yet few know how to work for a successful life. To be successful, we need to follow some principles in our lives. The five principles of successful life which we need to follow are dreaming big, working hard, learning every day, enjoying life, and being true to ourselves. These principles appear to be very simple, but mastering them requires patience and persistence. And combining all these principles could lead to amazing results. 5 PRINCIPLES OF SUCCESSFUL LIFE 1. DREAM BIG: The first principle of the 5 principles of a successful life is ‘Dream Big’. Walt Disney quoted, ‘If you can dream it, you can do it.’ It is important for us to dream big, no matter at what age we are. Dreams keep us hopeful and our energy focused on our future. One must set sub-goals with a time frame to convert their dream into reality. Find a picture of your dream and allow it to pursue your dream. The picture of your dream will motivate you always. 2. WORK HARD: Th

Principle 17: Cosmic Habit Force

Napoleon Hill Cosmic Habit Force


The seventeenth principle of Napoleon Hill's 17 principles of success is "Cosmic Habit Force". We are what we are just because of our habits. We are deeply impacted by our environment and it may help or deviate us from our goal. This phenomenon is also known as Cosmic Habit force which says that each particle or creature has some influence on its surrounding environment. Roses don’t grow sunflower seeds; Dogs don’t give birth to parrots; Rivers do not release milk. Everything works as per its nature which shows the universal order. Science is also based on faith that there is some universal order. Each and every action/reaction is governed by that order. The science of Personal achievement is based upon taking control of that order by regulating our habits. We can observe that our thoughts and actions impact our behaviour.
Beware of These Habits
There is 1 good news and bad news for you. The bad news is that we all have a certain number of bad habits in us and those habits keep us away from success. There is also good news which says that we can always change our bad habits anytime. Many times, we do not examine our habits and continue with them without any improvement. Let’s know more about bad habits and take a resolve to not continue with them:
1. Imaginary Illness
2. Arrogance
3. Envy
4. Greed
5. Laziness
6. No Major Purpose of Life
7. Revenge
8. Jealousy
9. Dishonesty
10. Vanity
Controlling Your Willpower
Our willpower has a very big role in building success habits that complement the cosmic Habit force. Let’s understand the six-step method for strengthening our willpower:
Step 1: Always have an alliance with people who can help you to achieve your definite major purpose. This mastermind alliance will help you to take full benefit of cosmic Habit force. 
Watch this video to understand that why we must help others:
Step 2: Develop a sound plan to draw the ability, knowledge, and power of faith of your alliance. Your conviction must increase due to your mastermind alliance.
Step 3: Decide that you have to keep a distance from people who make you feel inferior. A positive mental attitude cannot grow in negative environment. Always remember that our surrounding plays a critical role in building strong willpower.
Step 4: Say clear "No No" to the memories of past bad experiences as we cannot build strong willpower with the baggage of past experiences. Change your mindset and fill your mind with hopes and constructive desires.
Step 5: Do several things to remember your goals like hanging your targets with practical timelines on a noticeboard, hang photos of your targets. I have seen a practical demonstration of this step when I was in Senior Secondary School and one of my friends hanged the photo of one of the premier engineering colleges. He strengthened his willpower with that photo and finally cracked the entrance exam for that institute.
Step 6: Always remember that overinflation of your ego can be very expensive for you. Many people start with very high positivity but fall down in front of the very first obstacle. Always be humble and accept momentary defeats and treat them as mandatory pitstop on the road to success.
The Three Essentials of Cosmic Habit Force
There are three qualities that always help you to establish great habits:
1. Plasticity:
Plasticity refers to the characteristic or capability of changing with time. You can relate with the clay which changes its shape as per pressure and holds that shape or mercury which takes the shape of its holding medium. You can change with the environmental impact or with your own decisions.
We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. Will Durant
2. Frequency of Impression:
It is rightly said that "with repetition, you can develop any habit". If you are unable to develop a required habit then you can try to repeat it multiple times. You can initially try to imitate a habit for 21 days and you will see that your skills are improving. Here your personal initiative will define your success.
3. Intensity of Impression
We can concentrate on our habits to hardcode them in our subconscious mind. Concentrate with full attention and you will see that required habits are being developed in you at autopilot mode.
Any superfluous, worthless or harmful habit can be broken and replaced with a more useful one if you want to do so. Always remember that we want a habit to replace a habit. Increase your willpower with the above-mentioned steps and build desirable habits to invigorate the Law of Cosmic Habit force


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