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How To Resign from a Job Gracefully in 5 Steps

Introduction In the dynamic landscape of career growth, there comes a time when we decide to embark on a new professional journey. Resigning from a job is an inevitable part of this journey, and how you navigate this transition can leave a lasting impression. It's crucial to bid adieu gracefully, maintaining positive relationships and leaving the door open for potential future collaborations. Here are five steps to resign from a job with grace and professionalism. How To Resign from a Job Gracefully in 5 Steps 1. Reflect and Decide: Before you draft that resignation letter, take a moment for self-reflection. Ask yourself why you are resigning and ensure that it aligns with your long-term career goals. Whether it's for personal growth, a better opportunity, or a change in direction, clarity in your decision will not only help you communicate effectively but also leave a positive impact. Consider discussing your decision with a mentor or a trusted colleague. Their insights might

Coronavirus Lockdown: Best use of this time

Yami Gautam with Bhagavad Gita
Did this lockdown period restrict you to go out? We know that you want to go out and enjoy nature but as Robert H. Schuller once said that "Tough times never last, but tough people do.” We need to spend this time at home and definitely, that time will come when we will be free to go out anywhere. Just think if this COVID lockdown happened 10 years back then at that time we might not have so many free and informative resources that are now available over the internet. I have observed so many people who are in the abyss of grief just because of this lockdown. So many people are talking about the lockdown and predicting the future of the earth. Don't worry as these people were also there when this lockdown was not there, at that time they were in fear of so many other things but now they are together and thinking about this problem and giving tips to cricketers, movie-stars, and even politicians. Today we will suggest five different ways by which you can learn very useful things in the comfort of your home.
1. Listen or Read Books online: This is the best time to subscribe to audiobook platforms. According to, the average CEO used to read 4-5 books every month i.e., 60 books annually. There's a very famous saying in India that Blind uncle is better then no uncle and similarly, if we directly target 5 books every month then our morale may get down but let's target to complete at least 2 books in this lockdown. Do you think why CEOs and other famous personalities used to read so many books? They know that our life is short and every experience cannot be taken on ourselves to learn a lesson but so many lessons can be learned by reading/listening to informative books. Apart from these books, we can also read transcendental books like Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam and Bhagavad Gita as material problems have a spiritual solution.
E learning on laptop
2. Join relevant online courses: Coronavirus lockdown has put a brake on our activities and we are experiencing a longing for our regular office work and projects. But surely Coronavirus cannot put a brake on our determination, do you know there are websites which are providing professional diplomas in skills like photography, digital marketing, Microsoft Excel, etc. So search for those courses and enhance your skills.
3. Work from home: Now vacancies are not available in the market but some companies are providing work from home. We must give our hundred percent towards our work in these difficult times.
4. Listen to useful TedTalks: TedTalks are the best way to grab knowledge about a variety of topics. TedTalks can improve your rational thinking and it's better than spending time on irrelevant videos or TikTok.
5. Improve your writing skills: Good writing skills can help you personally and professionally. People remember how you reply to their questions and it leaves an impression upon them. Initially, you can start with writing articles over social media like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter and subsequently, you can start writing a blog.
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TED talk
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