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Ichigo Ichie: 10 Rules of The Japanese Way To Happiness

Introduction The meaning of Ichigo Ichie is ‘one time one meeting’ that describes a valuable concept of treasuring the unrepeatable nature of the moment. It can also be translated as ‘once in a lifetime’ or ‘for this time only’. This Japanese philosophy stresses upon focusing on the importance of present in order to lead a fullfiling life without feeling anxious about the future or troubled about the past. Héctor García and Francesc Miralles explained this evergreen Japanese philosophy in their very famous book ‘Ichigo Ichie’. Ichigo Ichie: 10 Rules of The Japanese Way To Happiness 1. Don’t postpone special moments According to a very famous saying "you cannot step into the same river twice because it’s not the same river and same you". Each and every opportunity presents itself only once. If we don’t embrace present moment, then it will be lost forever. Never ever postpone special moments . 2. Live as if this were going to happen only once in your life

What Are The Best Sleeping Positions

What Are The Best Sleeping Positions


Quality sleep is the most desired thing among the majority of people. Quality sleep of one hour only is equal to recommended 8 hours of sleep every day. But most of us keep changing sides the whole night having disturbed sleep and headache in the morning. Adopting good sleeping positions is very essential for quality sleep. The sleeping pose may vary from person to person and is personalized according to the person. It may take time for us to find and rule out the specific sleeping position for us but it is a very important thing as it helps us rest well, lead a healthy life and energise us for the next day.

Best Pose for Sleeping

1) Fetal Position: The first best pose for sleeping is the Fetal position. It is the most popular sleeping pose which involves sleeping on the side with legs bent and curled in towards the body. It is beneficial for those who are pregnant, reduces snoring, and is also great for lower back pain. But, while sleeping in the fetal position we should learn to keep our body loose otherwise it might cause soreness in stiff joints or we may not be able to feel relaxed after sleep. 
The 7 C's of Success by Brian Tracy:
2) Sleeping On Your Side: The second best sleeping pose is to sleep on your side. This position is very effective for digestion and heartburn. In this side sleeping position, legs are not pulled in towards the body. Despite its potential benefits, it might cause jaw tightness on the sleeping side and stiffness in the shoulders. Lower back pain in it can be avoided by putting a pillow between the lower legs to align the hips better. Sleeping on the right side is associated with acid reflux and increased heartburn. Sleeping on the left side encourages regular bowel movements by allowing gravity to help move waste through the ileocecal valve.
3) Lying On Your Stomach: It is the third right sleeping pose. Though many people like sleeping while lying on their stomachs, it should be the last position to sleep in. It might help with diminishing sleep apnea and reduce snoring, but it can cause back pain and neck pain by putting unnecessary strain on muscles and joints. Because of this, we might wake up sore and tired. To reduce its side effects such as back and neck pain, we can sleep without a pillow or thin head pillow below the neck and add a pillow under the lower belly. 
What Are The Best Sleeping Positions
4) Flat On Your Back: Sleeping flat on your back is the fourth-best sleeping pose. This position is great for spine, hip, and knee pain. Sleeping flat on our back reduces unwanted pressure on the back and joints by using gravity to keep the body in even alignment. The natural curve of the back is also supported by placing a pillow below the knee. This position can also be called as sleeping beauty position as it protects our skin from wrinkling. The only downside of this position is people who snore or have sleep apnea face difficulty while sleeping flat on their back.


In deciding the best sleeping pose for us, we should try sleeping in different positions to find out one or two positions for us that are comfortable and leave us pain-free and well-rested in the morning. We can try keeping a record of sleeping patterns, ease, and difficulty while sleeping in a different position. Once our best sleeping pose for our body is decided, we can take benefits from it for a very long time and lead a healthy life. The above-mentioned sleeping poses can be used to alleviate lower back pain, neck pain, snoring, acid reflux, sinus, congestion, etc 


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