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The inspirational story of Napoleon Bonaparte

IntroductionEach one of us used to face problems in our lives and it is impossible to skip challenges of our path. There are two types of people in this world-first is those types of people who used to see problems during a challenging phase of life and second are those types of people who used to see opportunities during a challenging phase of life. When we see problems then problems used to become big and our road to success becomes very difficult but when we see opportunities then we get solutions to our problem very easily. Today we will talk about the great emperor of France, Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon Bonaparte was a French statesman and a great military leader who led many successful campaigns during the French revolution. He won many battles and ruled over the European continent during his lifetime but he was born in a very poor family in Corsica and due to his good analytical skills he got a scholarship and studied at the expense of the French king. After completing his ed…

Warren Buffett: Top 10 Rules For Success Part 2

Warren Buffett and Barack Obama
There was a story regarding a little sparrow in the jungle. She used to listen to the good thoughts of a spiritual teacher living in the jungle. One day there was a very big fire in the jungle and everyone was running from the jungle. 
Big and small animals were running away to save their lives. Suddenly they observed that little sparrow was flying far away from the jungle to take little water in her beak and trying to extinguish the fire of the jungle with that water. She had continued this for a while. Other animals started asking why she was doing so? does she become mad? She answered that whenever people will read the history of the jungle then I don't want to come in a list of animals who were just standing by or ran away. I want to come in a list of animals who tried their best to extinguish the fire. Similarly, we used to just stand and see how our career is getting doomed and do not take any concrete action. Warren Buffett is the kind of person who had tried his best and achieved extraordinary success. In the last article, we had read the first three rules of success. Now we will understand other Warren Buffett's rules of success.
Sparrow sitting on tree
4. Read, Read, Read: Warren Buffet used to read for 4 to 5 hours daily. Reading widens our perspective towards life and we start seeing our life from different angles. It's also found that people used to make better decisions when they read more books. Even Elon Musk learned how to build rockets by reading.
5. Have a Margin of Safety: This concept can be understood by the fact that when a truck was designed for 10,000 KG then it's maximum carrying capacity can be even 20000 KG. Every product is designed with a Margin of safety but we never plan our professional career with it. Here we must remember that we must build multiple skills to have a better margin of safety.
6. Have a Competitive Advantage: Warren Buffet never invests in companies with little competitive advantage. Many times competition can just copy you and surpasses you. We must also in our professional lives focus on building a competitive advantage over our colleagues otherwise there will be no difference in us and others.
7. Schedule for Your Personality: We all have certain time periods in a day when we perform at our peak and at other times we may be just like others. We must also plan our daily tasks in such a way that the most difficult task must be performed when we are at our peak and then we will see that our productivity will increase exponentially.
8. Always Be Competing: Many times we become lethargic after achieving short success but that must never happen to us. If you have observed then you can find that board toppers were not college toppers and college toppers are not top performers of the companies. In some way, short success makes us complacent but we must envision our long term goal and then we will succeed in our lives.
9. Model of Success: We must find our mentor first and then target anything. Everybody in this world requires a trainer or mentor. A mentor always helps us to focus more on our goals. Even big personalities like Sachin Tendulkar, Vishwanathan Anand, Usain Bolt, and several others have mentors. So start finding your mentor.
10. Give Unconditional Love: Warren Buffett got unconditional love from his father and he is pouring his unconditional love towards humanity by doing extraordinary philanthropic activities. We must also give unconditional love to our family, nation and this world. This will bring in positivity in our lives and we will achieve extraordinary things in our life.
These life-changing rules will definitely help you to achieve more.
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