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The Golden Rule by Napoleon Hill

Introduction Napoleon Hill was an influential author who wrote books on personal success, motivation etc. We get to learn about making it easier to wake up whenever we want to, vivid imagination that leads to better public speaking skills and other different rules of success from the book titled ‘Golden Rules’ by Napoleon Hill,. He also talks about developing new skills and helpful habits in this book. 8 Golden Rules by Napoleon Hill Rule 1: We create our lives through our thoughts and this can lead to transformative success: We have the power to create the life that we want. The secret behind it is how we use our thoughts. Autosuggestion is one such powerful method that allows you to shape your development as an individual by feeding your mind with inspiring thoughts and images. Napoleon Hill regularly practised thinking of imaginary meetings, in that meeting he chat with distinguished and inspiring guests such as Abraham Lincoln, Socrates, Napoleon and Aristotle. During that meeting,

Arnold Schwarzenegger: 5 Rules for Success Part 1

Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes
On 2001 August 22, the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) released photographs of Spiral Galaxy NGC 3079 which is 50 million light-years away towards the constellation of Ursa Major. The photo was taken from Hubble Space Telescope and it revealed gas towers of 2000 light-years with a swirling cosmic cauldron of activity at the galaxy's center. Measurements show that the gaseous pillars are beaming away from the center at 6 million Kilometers per hour and eventually looking like an expanding bubble that is on the verge of bursting. This phenomenon is happening at a very incredible scale. Researchers also show that when this bubble will burst then several new stars and planets will form. Our own sun was also born out of such cosmic drama, as was our earth. We can correlate this event with our life also, whenever our life reverberates with failures then we must extrapolate that something big is coming and success is imminent. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mr. Universe (at the age of 20), 7-time Mr. Olympia, Hollywood legend and 2-term Governor of California, also faced several failures in his life but just because of his optimistic approach, he achieved inconceivable success. He disclosed his five rules of success on several occasions and today we will understand those rules of success in more detail:
1. Find your vision: He explained if we don't have a goal or vision then we will just waste our life. Arnold Schwarzenegger was born in Austria just after World War II and there was a great depression in Austria and Germany at that time. He spent his childhood in extreme poverty and he desperately wanted to overcome that situation. One day he saw a documentary on America and came to know that America was a land of opportunity. But the question was how to reach there as there was no money for visa and flight tickets. One day he saw a bodybuilding magazine and found a biography of Reg Park who was born in a very poor family of Leeds, England. Despite coming from a very poor family, Reg Park went on to become 3 times the winner of Mr. Universe and ultimately getting a leading role in Hercules movie. Reg Park trained himself for 5 hours per day, every single day. On that day he made a very clear vision of becoming a bodybuilding champion like Reg Park and then move on to America for Hollywood movies. He never looked back again and started doing workout day in and day out.
Spiral Galaxy NGC 3079
2. Never ever think small: Arnold Schwarzenegger explained how he never wanted to come in a movie as an actor but he wanted to come in a movie as a star. He always wanted to become the highest-paid entertainer and hence he achieved his goal. Just because of our mediocre thinking we used to settle for mediocre results. We used to listen to so many mediocre statements like " I want to improve my physical stamina but good gyms are not available in my vicinity, I don't think that I have any hope of getting selected as there are plethora applicants out there, he got a promotion but he must have pulled some strings to reach that level". First of all, we must overcome that mediocre thinking and we will see tremendous positivity in our life.
Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes
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