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Five Dangerous Faults of General: Art of War by Sun Tzu

INTRODUCTION The art of war by Sun Tzu is one of the oldest military treatises in the world. It was originally written in Chinese which was later translated to English in 1910. The art of war has always been of vital importance to the state as it is a matter of death for its kingdom and people. In this book on Art of war, he talks about different skills and techniques such as laying plan, waging war, attack by strategy, energy use of spies, etc. He also explains the five dangerous faults of the General which can ruin the war. In modern times, these faults must be taken care of while leading a team of corporates/people as well. THE FIVE DANGEROUS FAULTS According to Sun Tzu, a ‘General’ plays a vital role in the art of war. A general is usually the one who receives the order from the sovereign, organizes his army, and gathers his forces. General who completely understands the Art of war knows the benefits he can get from the variety of tactics. He also knows how to handle and inspire hi

Positive aspects of Lockdown

Man waiting for lockdown


We all are stuck at our houses and waiting for two things a) completion of lockdown, b) vaccine of Coronavirus. But most of us are consuming non-stop news bulletins and counting the Worldwide death toll of the Corona Virus. Researchers have found that stress has a psychosomatic impact on us. We are consuming so many negative things throughout the day and hoping for a positive outcome but it's impossible. The capacity of our mind is very high as compared to our body. We need to keep ourselves positive in these difficult days. It is a fact that negative thinking reduces our immunity and positive thinking boosts our immunity. Corona will definitely go within one or two months' timespan but just think what we will tell our future generations. Do we tell them that we were in depression during Corona Scare ? or we will tell that we emanated positivity and motivated our family members to fight Corona during the lockdown. We have to understand that Corona Virus cannot come inside our home automatically so we have to use Hand Sanitizers, masks and hand wash very frequently. The story of a saint and "death" is very relevant here. 

Sadhu blessing

Story of a saint and "death"

A very knowledgeable saint used to live just outside one village. Many villagers used to come to him for taking spiritual guidance. One day he was sitting under a tree and suddenly he saw a shadow. He asked from that shadow, "who are you?" and shadow answered that I am "death". Saint became very angry and asked, "how can you come inside this village without my permission ?" The shadow answered that she got an order and she needs to take 1500 lives in this village. She explained, " One Epidemic is coming to the village and you cannot do anything". The saint got a very big shock after listening to this news but he cannot do anything. Time started passing and Epidemic took a very scary form. More than 50,000 died within one year and the saint became very angry. Saint started waiting for the death and one day when she was passing by, he asked: " I thought that people used to speak lies but now death also started speaking lies". On this, death replied, " I do not lie as I took only 1500 life but the rest of the 48,500 people died just because of panic". 
man and woman jumping with joy


Now we are fighting with a pandemic, if you are sitting at home then you have to fight Corona with patience. Take care of your diet, make it more balanced with wholesome nutrients and vitamins. We must also schedule our day so that we cannot just sit back and watch Television throughout the day. If we are working from home then we can start early by taking a shower and breakfast timely but if we are not working then also we must make a to-do list every day. We can also sharpen our professional skills during this lockdown period or develop a new hobby like writing, reading, etc. We must also do regular exercise along with our family members. Be positive and motivate your family members and friends.
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